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What follows is one of the most apt, hilarious, quirky and amazing explanations of masturbation and how difficult it can be to educate about sex to kids. The episode is nothing short of an eye-opener but in the most hilarious way imaginable.Every man who is in his 30s-40s would relate to the character of Anand.For lack of better terms, there are serious and casual romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Episode 1 was about Masturbation and Episode 2 is about Chat about Pregnancy. To all the parents out there, talk about the indecent' or OMG' topics with your children.

If you exercise a veto, they will know it eventually.

Characters in Dragon Age Inquisition may engage in romantic relationships with companions, advisors, and other characters they encounter in the world.

IGN wants to know just which of Dragon Age's eight romances appealed to you the most.

The Verdict The show fantastically blends the rare mixture of satirical comedy, blue humour and enlightenment about sex.