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Montgomery Hyde);*news item "Nixon's Commission Says Porno's OK";*news item "Gay Pride Record Album Released" on the album "June 28, 1970, Gay and Proud" (a documentary record album chronicling the mass demonstrations of Christopher Street Liberation Day, Gay Pride Week, and the growth of the gay liberation movement);*article "A Visit to the Thompson Gallery: He'll Paint You Uncircumsized" (on Frank Thompson, with five photos: a portrait shot of the artist, his gallery, shot of the gallery interior, one male art piece, and a poster reproduction of his "Erotic Art Show" exhibition sponsored by the Gay Activists Alliance);" by Donnie Johnson (with two photos: "Donnie Johnson, recently released from a California jail, has consented to speak with GAY about his experiences there.The Editors are grateful for this unusually frank account on what goes on behind bars, and how gay inmates are treated in 'the tank'");" by Nicholas Martino (with three photos, including one after the raid: "Holbrook, Long Island, N.

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Highlights include:*cover photo and interior article on David John Taylor, nineteen-year-old mural painter, model, actor and ex-marine (with four photos, including front cover);*news item "Denmark to Allow Homosexual Prostitution";*article "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Crazy Shrinks * But Were Afraid To Ask" by John Francis Hunter (with photo of Dr.

David Reuben and comments about his "excremental best-seller");*article "Is It All A Laughing Matter?

" by Angelo d'Arcangelo (author of the famous "Homosexual Handbook" on various gay topics, a "bag of mixed sweets for the week");*article "Being New York's Governor Is A Drag!

" by Dick Leitsch (on Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, governor of New York from 1702-1708);*article on the Continental Baths and Health Club at 230 West 74th Street entitled "Doin' The Continental: Rub-a-Dub-Dub" (with four interior photos);*article "Boardwalk Beatoff: The Atlantic City Scene" by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols (with three photos, two of M & M bartenders Walter and Tommy);*article "The Screw Trial Begins" by John P.

Jorgensen looking at an issue of GAY);*article "Is Shea Stadium Ready For Our Team - Why Not?