Purdue online dating

The professional and personable care from the admissions team at Purdue made what is often a trying experience – applying to a university – an almost effortless event.The entire team met my expectations and put a song in my heart, and, although it was still a fledgling romance, things were getting serious.I am proud to be associated with an organization that has produced the likes of Neil Armstrong, Brian Lamb, Chesley Sullenberger and many others.

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Cue Dean Martin’s “Everybody Loves Somebody.” Gone are the days when a couple runs toward each other and kisses passionately in public (all while the crowd cheers, of course).

It would be more fathomable nowadays if a couple were to walk into each other with their heads buried in their cell phone because they were updating their online dating profile.

Each contender responded in time, but from the very moment that I sent in my inquiry to Purdue, I entered into a world of give-and-take communication par excellence.

I liken my first experience with Purdue as The Flirt -- Purdue caught my eye and responded, not just with emails but with personal phone calls.

Depending on the website and the algorithm that it uses, an online site matches up people with common interests.