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Crucially, she also set an industry template for later pop stars to bare their souls as mature, evolved artists.In the face of out-of-control press attention and intrusion, Jackson had never appeared to be the obvious power player that she clearly was, when it came to negotiations over her own life.

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In a pause towards the end of “Got ’Til It’s Gone,” it mingles with a chuckle from guest rapper Q-Tip, who’s just asked, “Yo, do you feel that?

” The effect is intimate, like you could reach out and touch it and it would touch you back.

Its scope was wide: Janet Jackson had a vision, and she was working with her usual collaborators, producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, to achieve it.

On the opening line of the first track, an interlude called “Twisted Elegance,” she sets it up.

The album is a political act, wrapped in the soft glove of pop music, and sitting snugly in the pews of the broad church that makes up black feminist thought.