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Looking at that list now, I’ve installed about 60% of those tweaks so far with more currently in progress.In the honesty business, there’s a fine line between radical and reckless.And they’re willing, with the aid of an elaborate supply chain, to take my money in exchange for their food. Almost every answer to that question is a business idea with your name written all over it.

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Self-respect is a seed planted by the standards you set: How do you treat people? The relationships worth having are those with a voltage high enough to match your own, not those that cause a power failure.

Maintaining integrity in relationships means addressing problems that come up in real-time.

The safe haven from the perils of denying what is, is .

To commit to radical honesty is to take an oath sworn directly on the face of existence.

When the disconnect with reality comes from a genuine error, the mistake is open to correction.