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1, 2016, when the 90th Fighter Squadron (FS) belonging to the 3rd Wing stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska officially became the first combat-operational Raptor unit to equip an F-22 with the AIM-9X Sidewinder.

Most of US combat planes use the AIM-9X along with a Helmet Mounted Display since 2003 (by the way, one was fired at a Syrian Su-22 recently, but failed for reasons that are still unclear): with a HMD (like the American Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System – JHMCS), information imagery (including aircraft’s airspeed, altitude, weapons status, aiming etc) are projected on the visor enabling the pilot to look out in any direction with all the required data always in his field of vision.

But the most startling report is of the St Saviour’s Church sighting which includes a photograph of a spherical object over the building.

The photograph was taken by a woman, whose personal details are blanked out in the report, who also took a picture of an object over her flat.

And in her email to the Ministry of Defence in May 2006, the woman says she had been in contact with the strange craft’s occupants, which she calls greys, since when she was a child.