finding time for dating with children - Rails updateattributes not updating

I always get flashing when I do this stuff - unless I am using ajax-y logic. I find the way validation errors are displayed in the third solution a bit odd. I have a version of this that re-uses the form partial and avoids letting you edit fields that require unique values automatically: I totally agree, Igor. The validation error is always the same for each product, isn't it? I would have a Product Collection model (not an AR model, but more of a form object wrapping the collection of Product objects) and a Product Collection Controller. Admin is a boolean attribute used to indicate if the user has administrative rights.

The basic idea behind Strong Parameters is to move mass-assignment protection out of the model and into the controller where it belongs.

Just so we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about Mass-Assignment before focusing on strong parameters. Assume we have a User model with name, email, and admin.

I was able to take the controller from option 2 and combine it with the wice_grid gem to quickly put together a grid featuring inline editing without any client-side script at all. Now I'm getting "Active Model:: Forbidden Attributes Error" That's great. proudly carry their Coach leather handbags for many years. you have purchased one, you will want to keep it in excellent to protect that investment.

As a newbie to Rails, I expected to be fiddling around for hours. Argument Error in Products Controller#discontinue wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) I'm getting an error here. It happens in the products controller, in the discontinue action (which we custom created), on this line: Product.update_all(, ) I'm getting "Couldn't find Product with 'id'=edit_multiple" anyone know how to make this work in rails 4? aware of where you are putting your bag; try not to place it on the floor.

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