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The current 60Ah BMW i3 model will be discontinued from July 2016.The range-extender model, which uses a 647cc twin-cylinder petrol engine to charge the battery, gets the same battery upgrade.Fern Howard, a leading British manufacturer of lighting products, has won funding to develop a highly energy efficient LED (light-emitting diode) light which can reduce energy requirements for lighting by at least 33% compared to the most energy efficient lighting systems currently available.

BMW hasn’t yet confirmed the new overall range for the RX model.

Read CAR’s review of the BMW i3 Range Extender here BMW isn’t offering a retrofit service to slot the new battery into existing i3s – the cost of buying a new battery means the sums simply wouldn’t add up for customers.

BMW now claims a typical range of 195 miles for the pure electric version of the i3 (with the usual driving conditions-dependent caveats).

The extra miles keep the i3 competitive against electric hatchback rivals such as the 30k Wh Nissan Leaf (155 miles), Renault Zoe (149 miles) and the currently US-only Chevrolet Bolt (not to mention the upcoming Tesla Model 3).

Half of the new money in the latest round will be prioritised for Carbon Capture and Storage, the process of capturing millions of tonnes of CO2 from power stations and industrial facilities, and storing the CO2 offshore, deep under the sea bed.