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The bad part is you don’t have access to the link to download the server application which is needed to host your own rtmp server until they send you a confirmation email and I’m here 2 days and still no email.I tried it with 3 of my other email address and seeing if it’s blocking it but still nothing.If there are any movies about pedophilia you believe we missed, please feel free to add them to the list yourself.

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It can stream from webcam or ip camera, or any other stream solution (RTMP for example) Supports multiple channels and allow users t ocreate its own channel One of the most useful things its the i OS compatibility (and detection) out of the box It lacks payment gateway (only my Cred supported) for premium channels and pay per view; a more extensive list of payment gateway could be useful The baseline of this software looks good and has everything I need.

I put in place all my requirements and I will be doing my own hosting, but to set that up you need the application to put on your dedicated server which you have to sign up and you have access to the link to download it.

To check to see if it is a flash problem please go to:

From here you will be able to check to see if flash is installed, if it is out of date and where to download the newest version.

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