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I know the places that they were born in East Prussia were in Nesselbeck (between 1936-1939) and Rinau (between 1940-1944).

I was wondering if you may know a place to start to find more information on either of these areas.

We do not know what happened to my grandfather (Paul Kurt Bartlau).

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Her family was eventually relocated to Nürnberg Germany. I don't know why or what year.can I see if I have relatives still there?

I would love to be added to your email list and receive any mailings or information you may have about Konigsberg. Admin: Without a place of origin or a even a rough date or year when he might have arrived from Prussia it will be nearly impossible to get started on trying to research that.

I am looking for a photo of Konigsberg with street signs in German for publication in a book.

Admin: I can't claim ownership to any of the photos on the site. Back in November 2014 "Elsa" made an inquiry about the Quednau family. Admin: I have forwarded your message and email address to Elsa and will send you hers How would I go about seeing if I could possibly have any living relatives from my father who was born in Konigsberg in 1907 His name was Herbert Walter Schmidt.

I invite your comments about this website - and in particular if you have something to share regarding a personal connection to this once wonderful city that history seems to want us to forget about.