Refund mentality and dating Sexi chati dabai

I’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

I’m also a father to the world’s cutest little girl, and I am an unapologetic man.

We made some better connections than others, and some were quick little conversations.

Some where longer conversations, like the two women on the bikes, who even invited us for a drink.

Time and again life points out the abundance, yet I keep finding my self taking scarcity based actions...

When I catch myself I'll stop and adjust with varying degrees of success. I understand it, I see it, but I haven't been able to live it with that felt knowing.

Standing in this square until in the morning – this could be the night of all nights, where a different result will occur that has never happened before. I created a program just for them about how to meet women this summer.