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While Younes isn’t Kourtney’s first boyfriend since their split, rumours are rife that things are serious between the pair.

There is also speculation that Younes might be appearing be appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians soon, which, given that Scott stars in the show too, hasn’t gone down too well.

Another congregation found themselves passing around the collection plate to the strains of “Money, Money, Money” by Abba.

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According to TMZ, insiders close to the family say his public fawning over women young enough to be his daughters is the straw that broke the Kardashian family’s back and he’s now being ignored by them all.

Over the past week, he’s been seen getting very cosy with Sofia Richie, Bella Thorne and Chloe Bartoli in Cannes, to name a few.

It seems Scott, who has openly admitted to sex addiction in the past, may have believed a reunion between him and Kourtney was on the cards but when he learned that she’d been dating Younes ‘on and off since October’ his pride took a hit.

Aside from Scott’s photographs with the likes of Sofia and Bella being embarrassing for Kourtney, another reason the Kardashian sisters are so cross with Scott is that they don’t want his and Kourtney’s kids to see them online one day.

‘Kourtney is more concerned for Scott health wise and the damage he is doing to his body.