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Khan, who was once a developmental talent in WWE, took to Reddit to talk about her experiences with De Mott.

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–Mixed Martial Arts: Kurt said he’s still seriously considering it.

"For me, in wrestling or MMA, I would make the same," he said. Keith Lipinski Pre-interview Former Special K member Fred "Elephant Boy" rode the sybian while wearing a bikini after spending a half an hour talking about gay fantasies involving wresters and a very special "f*** marry kill" with Foley, Angle and Hogan.

He is a person who told the entire class that I would make it on TV over his dead body BEFORE I ever even stepped foot through the front door of WWE Developmental, A person who embarrassed&abused me( from day one) on a daily basis.

This individual scared and intimidated me into a fear that silenced my ability to cry out for help in a more aggressive way before it was too late.

He and some of his students even got together and made Deep South hats for everyone except me…They made Diva specific gear for girls who didn’t even have contracts to make sure that I felt alienated.