Rhode island dating violence

Seeking help from a hospital or trauma center ensures that a victim of sexual assault receives the necessary medical treatment and tests, at no expense.

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The VAWA defines sexual assault as any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs by force or without consent of the recipient of the unwanted sexual activity.

Falling under the definition of sexual assault is sexual activity such as forced sexual intercourse, sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling and attempted rape as used in the ) program.

The two most common individual services within any category of service in Rhode Island are "case management and emergency shelter" while the two least common services are "safe home network and legal resource planning". The third most common language after English and Spanish is Portuguese at 12% of the organizations.

Demographically, the organizations are mostly like to be equipped to serve Women .

If you choose to consult with College Police, we will notify local law enforcement should you choose to file a criminal complaint.

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