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‘He also hit me across the buttocks for all the times I’d forgotten to call him Sir.’What happened thereafter will be inexplicable to most people, but Cassie offers her own explanation.

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The idea with said site was brilliant: Type in your name, your age and click "Chat" and just like that another window opened up, a list of names at the side,...

Okay, So for a long while I used as my usual text-based role play site, but unfortunately it's went **** up since I last visited.

When confronted about the latest allegations last night, Rabbi Odze opened the front door of his terraced home in Salford to say: ‘It’s my sabbath, I’ve just got out of bed.

You can call my agent.’The Mail on Sunday then made it clear that the allegations concerned ‘your activities on Fetlife and your relationship with a 25-year-old woman’.

x.’Cassie said she was shocked when she saw that Odze was presenting an image of himself as a happily married pillar of the community.‘He had lied to me, by telling me he wasn’t married and he’s lying to the people he wants to represent by pretending to be something he’s not. In 2014, when he stood for Ukip to be an MEP, Odze refused to shake the hands of rival female candidates on religious grounds.