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The Statement Type enumeration defines Select, Insert, Update, and Delete members.Now, to test these events you can write code that fills a dataset and calls the update method of data adapter.绑定数据: Grid View控件的Edit事件:Grid View控件的Update事件:Grid View控件的取消事件:Grid View控件的删除事件:看看运行的效果:开发阶段,由于还没有做到前台,但需要看到效果。Insus.

The Row Updating event occurs when an Update method is called before a command executed against the data source.

The Row Updated event occurs when a command executed.

You call the Fill Error event handler when the Fill method of data adapter of data adapter fails.

Listing 9-3 shows the code for the Fill Error event handler.

As you can see from figure 9-8, the Query Builder shows the SQL statement.