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i grew up with my grand mum my mum passed away This is a Little about me Im flocina by name im from Canadian but currently in the US, I am the type of person who can get on with anyone and everyone who wants to be my friend as I enjoy sharing life experiences as I am a 42 y. Marine Veteran that was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky (home of Muhammed Ali).

While in the Marines, I had the priviledge to travel the world and experience many different cultures.

Online dating California singles is easy, as long as you're honest about what you want and the amount of time you have to invest in a relationship.

My name is Denice I am 39 years old single I am 5'6" and 139lbs.

Michaels -from Germany where I grew up before migrating to the united state as a citizen., I also school most of my school in the united state to become who I am today, I'm a doctor, a Plastic Surgeon Board I'm a simple black guy who thinks dating older women is best for me than those of my peer.