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Because of this, nigahiga's lip syncing videos were all removed (with the exception of You're Beautiful, which was audio swapped), along with most of his other videos that included copyrighted music.

Since then, Higa started composing the music himself.

At home he was always outshined by his elder brother, Kyle Higa, who is a Judo prodigy and would always be the centre of attention.

In 2016, Higa and other You Tubers and friends created the parody K-pop group Boys Generally Asian.

The nigahiga You Tube channel was created on July 20, 2006, by Higa, Fujiyoshi, Enos, and Nago (known collectively as "The Yabo Crew").

The long time friends started posting funny videos on You Tube while they attended Waiakea High School in 2006 where they lip-synced to songs.

High school was a tough time for Higa where he was bullied on a regular basis and he often found himself isolated from his peers.

You Tubers have been making waves on the internet for several years now.

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