Ryan sheckler now dating

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He even shares posts and makes them feel an important part of his life.

In 2014, he took Twitter to wish his dad on the occasion of Father's Day along with a picture of the three siblings with their dad. The American athlete, Ryan is currently dating a hot girlfriend, Mia Bonde.

Sheckler was introduced to skateboarding at the age of two when he discovered his father's skateboard. His other girlfriends are Kayla Kudia, AJ Michalka, Emma Roberts and Melissa Pastrana.

Ryan Sheckler is not married but has been in many relation.

However, the parents of Ryan are not living together now as their married life ended with a divorce, and as per reports in 2007, Ryan's father, Randy was seeing a girlfriend after the divorce with his wife. The duo is now in the second year of their relationship and sharing a happy life together, and Ryan isn't shy to express his love for Mia on various social medias.