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Despite the Buddyroids' state, the Go-Busters call in their Buster Machines to destroy the Black Galleon with Enter standing in their way in Megazord Omega.

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Ryota ozawa and mao ichimichi dating

After Navi reveals the five phantom Ranger Keys grant unlimited power to whoever possesses them, the Go-Busters receive a visit from Kaoru Shiba of the Shinkengers who brings them a scroll from Yoko that reveals she, Jay, and Gai ended up in 18th century Tokyo.

Learning that Gokaigers are in different times in Europe and Gorisaki in Laurasia, the Go-Busters learn they can retrieve them by using Gozyu Drill's time travel ability on their Megazords within a 45-minute time limit.

Though it succeeds, it resulted with the Buddyroids's anti-Metavirus program being damaged as they are rendered into mindless drones with no way of undoing the damage.

Once alerted of Enter and Bacchus beginning their plan to consume the Earth in subspace over the Tanomori district, the Go-Busters resolve to fight despite losing their partners.

The Gokaigers, now working for the newly reformed Zangyack empire, return to Earth with a black Gokai Galleon and attack the Go-Busters in search of five phantom Ranger Keys which will unlock the "Greatest Power in the Universe".