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The drydown leaves me with something hard to describe, it smells edible, like aromatic herbs.A female co-worker commented that it smelled very manly, which surprised me because i felt it was rather on the delicate side...It doesn't strike me as fresh and clean as most reviewers are describing. Another one in my collection that has similar citrus, is more soapy/clean and performs better is Pino Silvestre Sport. Becomes a peppery skin scent almost immediately, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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I'm a big Lalique fan but Lalique White isn't a winner for me.

What I get from this is soft cedar and pepper with some fleeting citrus on top.

But it does both very well because of the freshy-citrus notes. This has more citrus and the tamarind gives an effect like its a lemony Louisa. 4 hours ,then it calms for 2 or 3 hours more then if its get hotter for some reason it visits you agin. 2 on the neck and one on each hand at the upper side of the arm :).

The tamarind, cardamon, and nutmeg (spice notes)give the scent an individual identity. Enjoy It is a Lalique so you can't really go wrong with this.

along with citrus notes, it all fucks with your head. the violet and oakmoss are subtle, but evident as the top citrus notes fade. A strong 7.5 like; I prefer these lighter fragrances which require more applications throughout the day, rather than a one-time overbearing frags. Ok silage and longevity are not great but it is a summer EDT, you can't expect miracles. Clean, unique, elegant, not really sexy but charming, aristocrat in a way.