hazards of internet dating - Sad and useless russian dating

(Maybe she played angry to take the focus from the fact she not given any detail at all about the travel and so I not will DARE to ask anything more, she told her nerves can not bear much more, how can it be, I was very kind in the letter). Later when we chatted at Skype, she refused to use the camera and sound, she told me she was angry because I write superior, and that my gifts to her was because I wanted her to WORSHIP me!!!!!

The reason for her feeling was I did ask about my Christmas gifts to her some weeks ago.

She had nothing warm to wear, but the day before she was on a wedding!!!! Not nice for me she acts that way, but I had no choice, as usual. Later I found out I still can give them both tickets from Sweden, keep on reading…. I gave her a friendly offer, I told her I can fly there and follow her to Sweden!!! How on earth can it be bad moral to sit with me in an aircraft!!! Probably it’s the purpose of her behaviour, I understand it, now that I look back with hindsight. How big is the probability that Kira has so much money (now raised to $650) that she want to spend it follow Olga to Sweden in winter time, only because Olga wants to meet me? If a she likes me, why can’t we meet me at Skype??? Now time had gone to February, so why had I to pay for the fast delivery of the passport, so long time has gone, that she could have got 2-3 normal time passport during this time!! Now she wrote and told me she been to the travel agency again, it is a trust worth company, they give a bill with a stamp and signature, so all is secure and official. I also told her that I am so curious about the information about the travel, -when she will come, -how long they stay, -where, -at which airport I would meet them.

Maybe to take focus from the fact, price was not realistic.

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