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Restforce:: DB allows you to configure a block of code which will execute before the daemon process's polling loop initiates.In an initializer (or any other piece of code which will run as your application spins up), you can use The example above would disable the default Active Record logging specifically for activity triggered by the Restforce:: DB daemon.The mapping representation is stored in XML files external to the driver, which allows the sharing of map files among different client machines.

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The To actually perform this system synchronization, you'll want to run the binstub installed through the generator (see above).

This will daemonize a process which loops repeatedly to continuously synchronize your database and your Salesforce account, according to the established mappings.

Associations can be nested arbitrarily, so it's not an issue to have several layers of on the Salesforce object.

This external ID is used as a key for Salesforce's upsert API interaction, which allows Restforce:: DB to avoid accidentally duplicating records via a less-safe non-idempotent POST to Salesforce.

See Salesforce has certain standard objects that always exist, even if they do not contain anything.