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Natasha continued: 'The last time we were all [at Sundance] it felt like we were young actresses.

“You don’t want people to feel like you’re the only representation for them.

Our fan base, which has followed us over the years, has changed and evolved, but overall we still have a really strong, central queer fan base.” Like all their albums, tells a story. I think that with us, 10 songs, or 35 minutes, is a good amount of time to tell the next part of our story.” This time around, the story begins with the first single, “Boyfriend,” which, Tegan confesses, is one of Sara’s songs about falling in love with a straight girl.

While that song expresses Sara’s feelings, Tegan admits it’s a sentiment that she can also relate to.

To those of you content with visions of the lesbian twins unmarried but together, it might come as a surprise to find out that for most of their career the Quins rarely wrote music in the same room.

“Each record is a chapter in the story of Tegan and Sara,” Sara says. The chorus echoes the heartache of countless lesbians who have been through the same cycle: is the day they released a pointedly tongue-in-cheek video for “Boyfriend.” They called on some rad queer women to help out: Clea Du Vall, who has been friends with the Quins for about 10 years, directed the video. Designer Rachel Antonoff (sister of musician Jack Antonoff) was the creative director.