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You have WSUS or SCCM to manage Windows update in the environment, but you observe that Windows 10 machines are going online to url – and are downloading updates. Why is it reaching out to Microsoft url= despite WSUS endpoints provided through GPO? It is consuming a significant bandwidth towards this url.

While both these scenarios are interconnected, if you are observing Scenario A then you may also report Scenario B.

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There is a faster way to update the ip of the machine via powershell or another tool?

A much easier way of running any scans on collections or individual devices is by using the Right-Click Tools by Now Micro.

CH=448&L=en-US&P=&PT=0x4&WUA=10.0.14393.351 11/18/2016 .33179 AM 13660 9700 discoveryjob_cpp150 [Com Api] *RESUMED* Discovery 11/18/2016 .33184 AM 13660 9700 discoveryjob_cpp208 [Api] * END * Discovery Client Id Point to note: If you didn’t try to scan it against Microsoft Online manually, then why did it try to establish connection with *.update.although WSUS endpoint is in place.

Check the Windows Update Group policies and ensure that none of these policies are configured (Enabled or Disabled).

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