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At the end of the session, you write your contact information and an identifier (i.e.

"Dressed as Snow White," or, "Bonded over love of 'Star Wars'") on the sheets labeled with the numbers of the people with whom you’d like to continue the conversation. Sci-Fi Speed Dating has spawned five marriages, two babies, 19 engagements, and more than 100 couples dating seriously, according to Glitch.

Footage of that event will be broadcast this Sunday, December 18, at 9PM (EST) on the TLC Channel.

At first, I was concerned that this would be just another bad reality show so I went ahead and previewed the first two episodes of this show.

Kelleher added that the costumes are often revealing of partners' personalities.

"People are more than just the characters they dress up as," he said.

He’s received invitations to all the weddings and keeps tabs on the success stories via his personal Facebook account.