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They love seeing where we eat and shop, and which hotels we stay at.

It is so much fun to share all that with our followers.

I did six different drawings of occasions when women would wear her pieces, which were launched at New York Fashion Week last month. I have worn tiny crystal earrings every day for the past 10 years. There are certain silhouettes that you just know work well in highlighting your best features. I will look at literally every single thing in a vintage store and reimagine those pieces.

I dress for light and shade and keep it stylishly simple.

When I graduated I got a job as an assistant to a knitwear designer who was big on embroidery in New York. I started bringing a sketchpad on the train and that was how I started to get better at illustrating. I sort images based on colour, lighting, patterns and trends. What has Scott taught you about street style photography?