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Although he had established himself as a TV heartthrob, Speedman consistently sought out more nuanced roles, frequently in independent features, while he nurtured a career aimed more at longevity than marquee recognition.

on Tuesday (June 6) and he opened up about the time he swam in Ellen‘s pool without her permission over 20 years ago!

Those are the characters where I feel like I have really made a lot of strides and I feel more comfortable doing what I do.

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On the other hand, the Cody family is crawling with secrets, and Baz is no exception. He's leading a double life with his lover and her son in Mexico.

"I saw that he was going to challenge our notion of the 'likable character,'" Speedman tells Harpers

But for me this is more within my wheelhouse than anything. HB: I read an interview you gave recently about the show where you said you would not have been able to take the role two or three years ago. SS: I think you have to know where you are personally in your life.

Ready to take on and jump into those things, those themes that I was just talking about, where you feel like your personal life and your talent line up.

Other notable roles came in the action-adventure "x Xx: State of the Union" (2005) and a reprisal of his character Michael, the werewolf-vampire hybrid, in the sequel "Underworld: Evolution" (2006).