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Mumbles was a small fishing village, and Catherine had a strong work ethic instilled in her at a young age.Her dad owned a candy factory, and Catherine has said that she has many fond memories of snuggling up to her father, who smelled like sugar. I've worked with lesser directors and lesser actors who were trouble.

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Still, neither fishing nor candy-making were the life for her, and she developed a passion for acting while still very young.

She began singing and dancing at the age of four, largely as a result of her involvement with the local Catholic congregation's amateur performing troupe.

She was originally cast as the second understudy for the lead role in the musical 42nd Street, which entailed a grueling schedule.

Her hard work paid off when both the star and first understudy were absent the night the play's producer, David Merrick, was in the audience, and she was given the lead for eight-weeks.

Her dance background was invaluable for her fencing training but she had nothing, except her backside to fall back on when it came to learning to ride.