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Two weeks later, when I approached the luggage carrousel, I spotted a man holding out his hand and smiling.“Welcome to Denver,” he said, waving in his left hand the note I had mailed him.

He described them as kindhearted people who would do anything for him—“except discuss sex.” Every morning, he said, his mother got dressed in her closet, and he never witnessed either of his parents exhibiting an interest in sex.

He said, “And so, being very curious about sex even as an early adolescent—with all those farm animals around, how could you avoid thinking of sex?

It is unclear whether Morris, 42, filed a police report after the alleged incident and the suspects have not been identified. I deserve worse," he wrote in a June 28 Facebook post, later adding: "The two men who spat on me are probably very good men caught up in excitement and past resentment.

"Walking down Broadway and 22nd Street just now, I ran into gay marriage parade. Most in that parade would not do that." The New York City Pride parade is an annual event that celebrates LGBT culture through marches and it draws crowds of 1 to 2 million people.

“My wife, Donna, and I have been careful never to let her in on our secret, and the same thing goes, of course, for our children,” he said.