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founder of rape, for which he is currently under investigation by the LAPD.

Sean Young has revisited the 1988 stalker controversy which she insists tarnished her reputation in a candid new magazine interview.

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The Blade Runner actress tells the publication, "I was like, 'Jimmy, look, these are normal feelings, if we still feel this way in six months, we'll revisit the concept.' It was a crush being turned down, that's all.

"It's so retardedly stupid that anyone could have believed it." When Woods heard about the publication's planned Young interview he fired off a series of angry emails to editors, claiming the actress perpetrated a "jihad of terror" against him and threatening to sue the magazine.

Sean Young is shown to be an average sized woman with short brown hair, who wears a homemade Catwoman suit that looks similar to Michelle Pfeiffer's, but with a pair of red boots and a utility belt.

Just as Tim Burton is about to direct Batman Returns, A servant appears and brings a box of kitty litter in front of him, revealing Sean Young inside, desperate to play the part of Catwoman, even going far as roaring and telling him he knows what to do with her.

And not one but two people interrupted her interview to get a picture with her which she graciously did, saying both times, "this was not staged, I promise." Even if this had happened, isn't it something that could have been rectified fairly easily through the application of a solvent (such as acetone)?