Secret sex talk

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If you need lube, than you’re being’re not taking your time." Also worthy of noting: Ronda goes on to explain that the sexiest date a guy could plan for her would involve a pick-up truck, buffalo wings and cider beer.

, obviously, so I’m just going to get us rolling with my OWN slightly manic observations on this precious, precious gem, and then turn it over to our delightful commenters.

If you forgot to read it, or never intended to read it, or gave up in disgust, feel free to participate anyway!

It’s never stopped anyone from making public pronouncements on in the past, you know?

If you’ve never whispered sweet nothings to your partner in a sultry voice when you’re together, there’s nothing to be nervous about! And yes, that means you, awkward girls who are embarrassed at just the thought of saying sexy phrases in person like, “I want you all over me.” I get it.