Secret web cam of people making love

That's the year the Com Sat "Telstar" was launched into the firmament.

Secret web cam of people making love-51

1—a bonus track that is a nostalgic foretaste of ancient things that haven't happened yet. Seasoned SC3 listeners are accustomed to fast-moving objects in space in the form of satellite bands warping time and tonality along the impossible curvatures of the mother-band's cosmic-geometrical schemata.

And they sit at the center of that universe along with the band, watching it all unfold. 1, every listener with a CD player gets a palpable, close-up and intimate view from inside three of the wandering stars in the twinkling SC3 sky.

In true Secret Chiefs 3 fashion, these tracks were not just rehashed "as is" from their 2007 vinyl masters and hastily transferred to bits and bytes.

Rather, each track was given a full studio work-over in early 2010 for this CD. Also, an old UR favorite from Book of Horizons (2004) abandons the Secret Chiefs 3 nest completely, in order to roost in a more UR-specific "proto-mix." No one can say whether this song jumped forward 6 years or back 26...

The flipside is FORMS' energetic and comprehensive piano-roll band organ rendition of the Sousa masterpiece, “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Faithful in all details to the original composition, the tune gets a temperamental update according to the mood of the times.