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Resten av däggdjuren omfattar storviltet elefant, buffel, noshörning, flodhäst, zebra och giraff, och därtill i grova drag 70 slags antilopartade hovdjur, 50 rovdjur och 40 primater, dvs apor och halvapor.

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From the poverty stricken streets of Harare Zimbabwe comes reality in the form of the world's oldest profession.

Prostitution in Zimbabwe, where 10 to 25 percent of the population is estimated to be HIV positive is a risky business.

The vagina-drying herbs women use often contain tannins, which give the sensation of dryness and tightening – like the dry feeling in the mouth from strong tea or red wine.

Other plants contain irritating chemicals that make the vagina swell and become tight, so the man’s penis feels ‘bigger’. Apart from the increased risk of infection, mostly just discomfort and pain during sex, says Dr Van Andel.

Flertalet av dagens rovdjursarter äter fortfarande kött, men vissa arter har utvecklat nya födovanor.