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They were trying to recruit me for their friend's other business.

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"She didn't think there was anything odd about that, me not handing it to her myself.

I only wished she had noticed and started asking questions." There were only a handful of people on the flight.

She had only moved into a new house a few weeks earlier. Each of the rooms was rented individually but there were other Eastern European girls in the house and the landlord was also Romanian. They shared a room in the house, but she had never spoken to them before.

A woman in the front seat snatched her bag, with her phone and wallet inside, while the man held her and slapped her. If you say anything I am going to kill your family. Another man she didn't recognise was driving the car.

The madam had been drinking and taking drugs and the pimps had gone out for the night. "They [the pimps] knew the people I knew were more dangerous than them.