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Nurulaalam zai nemi bayani daga mai amfani da shafin ne kawai domin tantance shi, za a kuma yi amfani da bayanin ne kawai bisa tsarin sirri da ka’doji.

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These three countries with UHI systems are mostly funded through a social insurance scheme.

Hong Kong mainly uses money from general revenues while most citizens of Singapore pay for a large portion of their medical care from their own pockets [i.e.: out-of-pocket, (OOP on the chart)].

Follow filmmaker Taylor Johnson as he covers the streets, forests, and beaches of Oregon to hear the stories from those who give so much for so little in the name of environmental stewardship.

If you read this post you’ll see a review of my current 7 string guitar – the Schecter Diamond Demon 7.

It has served me well but taking in to account the negative aspects which, I felt, impeded me in One of my favourite weapons – my Vigier Excalibur fretless guitar.