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Sometimes, we see people saying that stuff on Whatsapp conversations, that one can’t usually talk about in their daily life.

Sex chat between boy and girl-42

F: Coming back on Tuesday M: Tuesday, then you let me f* you on Tuesday F: After you doing f*ing, you are going to leave, I know your kind M: No I won’t F: Yes, cannot believe you M: Then you want to get with me, you already know F: Why so fast?

I want to f* then I will get with, every girl is the same.

These chats came out randomly but ended being featured here and becoming a memory for all of us.

We are grateful to these people who have a knack for seeing the humor in almost everything.

From MSN and many other sites: April 17 Guangzhou daily reports, the day before yesterday noon, this voice recording of a phone conversation between a boy and a girl both were post-90 appeared on the BBS. What is shocking to the netizens is, the girl knowing this boy does not like her, only wants to have sex with her, she still agrees to meet up after 4 minutes of conversation.