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If you’re going to be dealing with swamp-ass, consider some talcum powder to keep things dry.

Once you have your stink under control, consider supplementing your own scent. Nobody should be able to smell you coming without actually being Daredevil. Despite the long-running myth about women preferring jocks, Chads, meatheads, etc., women like a guy who’s got some brains and isn’t afraid to use them. Being smart is good, but intellectual curiosity is better.

Basic hygiene and grooming are critical; the number of people who seem to think that showers are optional is astounding.

Even if you’re going to skip deodorant, remember that the places where sweat pools collects bacteria that’s going to make you smell gawdawful… If you’re going to want someone spending some facetime near your junk, you don’t want unzipping your pants to be the equivalent of opening the gates of Mordor.

well, maybe Vancouver could pick up the slack when Hollywood’s gone.