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Fixed Trivia bot posts on next question Alert is sounded ONLY and not when posted scores or welcome to room messages Added Make Alerts act as used to with Triva posts, by adding: @trivia, to Preferences page1 Alert me...text, Note make sure is very first word on there and seperated by comma Added Trivia posts don't set off alert now if have username ect as alert and trivia bot post score with username in it Trivia bot posts next question Alert is sounded now.

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Added Feature to view profiles....depends on being on new Chat Server...

and User being Signed into yahoo Also Male/Female Icons next to usernames list will show soon as enter (Needs New chat server) 1st Jan 2014 V6.16.2 Yaz Serv Added Chat Room buddies "Say Hello to All Buddies" just the once to each user, on each time you enter Chat Room.

Will look like this Test1 Passed users from world can connect to you Test2 Failed - Timed Out IMPORTANT !!

You will need to right click Join Room button on Yazak and select Join Room Local Host Only put on Chat Room server lister now after tests one or two pass Added Help menu link Help to Yazserv Basics (web site) Setting window ..

working again now Changed Selective Volume selection per user Right click on volume changes made to work when while user taking also now Removed from PM Yahoo/MSN selection from PM's top right corner and Web Cam Icon Added Selective Volume selection per user You can Move mouse over name to show there current volume setting, Note you can set Start level in chat room buddies.