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"And with that, they turned tail and walked away chatting amongst themselves as I stood there looking decidedly befuddled and I had this uneasy feeling that wheels had been set in motion and that something, SOMETHING, was most definitely up.*Seven arrived and the kitchen was filled with the smell of freshly baked cherry and apple pie. "*This is one of those moments where time takes a rain check. The only thing I could hear was the thudding of my heart which was lodged somewhere between my ears. If he's still going, we go around again until we suck him dry." She looked up at me as I started to huff and puff out loud. She had barely shoved me inside her mouth when the second stream of spunk blasted against the back of her throat and she gagged at the visceral nature of it. Ejaculation number two eased and Sharon handed me over to Ruth who dropped her lips over me as quickly as she could.

We all sat around the table, each with a glass of wine in hand just making small talk as they eased me into their own little world. My mind was filled with tiny little lights that were blinking on and off as my orgasm continued.

The strange thing was, I felt like I could talk to them about anything.*A week has passed. As a family, we had all lived in and around the big city where everything was turned up to the max and that sound you always heard in the background was the constant hum of cosmopolitan life. To be honest, I'd put my libido at about 5/10 on the fucking scale most of the time. Since then, I was running through a desert with no name and developing a serious case of blue balls. This was definitely the good life as the drink and mood made my mind wander.".... As before, she took it all and handed me over to Sharon who got nothing more than a dribble on her tongue as my spend decreased in its intensity. I wiggled my toes in glorious satisfaction and closed my eyes to recover. More than enough to go around."Oh my God," gasped Angie, "That was ridiculous!

I was the weird looking kid in school that sat at the back of the class and who all the girls felt safe around because I wasn't that kind of guy to try it on. Talking dirty never harmed anyone and can be as sexy as hell to listen to," She placed her hand on her bosom, "I really need a good hard fucking and I want you to be the one to give it to me. Each of us has an over active imagination that needs satisfying." she smiled. Doing it as a foursome kind of makes it a bit special. But if you want to have sex with anyone of us, at any time, just give us a call."Sex with all of them or each of them anytime I wanted. Like Ruth, she was happy enough to just blow me at her own pace, in her own time, and in her own way. Either way, I was in heaven and swaying back and forth like I was in a dream.

Death is not only the mother of beauty as the poem goes but also the mother of opportunity... The kind of kid who would help them with their homework and explain algebra and why the sky is blue to them. Always the quiet guy who clammed up at the sight of a pretty girl. Being asked by three mature good looking women if I wanted to be a part of their little sex group. I just sat there like a kid in a sweet shop who had been given the key to the door. As they sucked, I ran my hand through their hair urging them to suck me this way or that way. She literally drooled her way up and down my cock until it glistened with her spittle.