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She has reportedly left her home and remained off work.

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The photograph has led to all foreign marriages being banned at the monastery in Rhodes, causing havoc for hundreds of British couples.

Speaking to The Sun Mr Lunn said that the couple now regret the stunt while it emerged that his wife had gone into hiding.

'It's such an anxious wait for us because I don't want to have to get married on a beach.

We can't change the location because we have spent so much money on it already.'I just recently picked my dress for the occasion and that cost £2,000.

But Mr Lunn's grandfather has failed to the see the funny side, telling Mail Online: 'I'm disgusted.' His sister, Kimberley, added: 'The picture was just a joke.'It should never been in the papers.'I can't say anymore than that at the moment.' Near the harbour, the bride knelt in front of her new husband - who works for his father's car recovery firm - and appeared to perform a sex act on him in her wedding dress, while he had his trousers and boxers down to his ankles.