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Neighbouring South Africa gives full rights to homosexuals, including same-sex marriage, while many other African countries continue to prosecute homosexuals for criminal offenses.

Make sure that Sadza comes out good, and be sure to wake up early to sweep the house before anybody else!

Ashamed, with my tail between my legs, having failed as a wife, a mother and a daughter in law.

Sex chat in zim

The events were publicised by word of mouth and messaging on social media.

Sodomy is a crime in Zimbabwe, punishable by at least seven years in prison.

What always followed was an overplayed script; a good hiding and those ominous words These memories have me thinking; has the world changed for the ten-year-old day girl of 2016?

Are these same words still her daily fodder as her family struggles valiantly to prepare her for that married future?

President Robert Mugabe has said gays should be castrated.