Sex chat infomercials

Though the council remained anonymous, the organization attracted more than 30,000 members at its peak and brought in millions of dollars a month.

It has since been taken over by a court-appointed receiver and sold to several of Trudeau’s former associates for $200,000 plus a portion of membership fees, the proceeds going toward the $37.6 million civil judgment against Trudeau.

Although some of Trudeau’s old infomercials still air frequently and are often spotted by his fellow inmates — a source of some excitement — he mostly steers clear of TV, preferring to read, he says.

(Empowerment tomes are his preferred genre.) Trudeau works in the prison kitchen, a sometimes frustrating experience for a guy who has done as much as anyone to bring the organic-food revolution to a mainstream audience.

It’s just a set of buildings within a gracious and impeccably landscaped military compound that also includes a golf course, a shooting range, and several greenhouses.