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I don't really watch porn videos, its just still photos of naked women, fully natural, none of your hairless ladies for me, a full bush turns me on the most.

I have just turned 70 and already have had 2 sessions with my penis, just hope I also can keep it up and going throughout my 70's as I did during my 60's which I roughly worked out was over 1400 times during those 10 years.

Watching what you do it very common and helps straight men and gay men alike keep their erection and ejaculate fully. I masturbate about six times/week - occasionally missing a day and every month or so having a 3/4 day break.

I wish I could ejaculate more semen and wonder how I can improve that - tried abstaining, drinking more water, zinc supplements but not much change. I still enjoy my wife more, but this is something different that I thought I would never do.

I think it is healthy and necessary to do what we need to enable us to ejaculate. It's useful to compare one's frequency with other folks in the same age group.

the one thing that helped me was a Doctors excam that said that I was low on Testrome and with monthly shots, it change my life. Yes, its nice to see that you still have a good relationship with your wife and its the best its been over the last 6 years.

I see that despite that you still have to masturbate almost every day, wow, that's wonderful for a "young" 69 year old.

They will probably do things you've never even imagined!