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Fortunately, it’s not common, but the risks are high, so understanding this is important.While the hacker has access to your account, they have access to your email, including what is in your account now as well as what arrives in the future.

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The hacker can go to Facebook, enter your email address, and request a password reset. In fact, the hacker can now gain access to account associated with the hacked email account. In doing so, the hacker can hack and gain access to those accounts.

What you need to do: check your other accounts for password resets you did not initiate, and any other suspicious activity.

Overlooking information used for account recovery allows the hacker to easily hack back in; make sure you take the time to carefully check and reset all as appropriate.

This is perhaps the scariest and most time consuming aspect of account recovery.

It can be easily viewed by anyone in range with an appropriate Wi-Fi capable device, such as a laptop, and packe- sniffing software. A hack was originally a clever or unique way of solving a particularly complex computer problem.