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The thing that may be more useful to do is to bring this issue to national (which are corrupted as well), international mass media, internet and make public awareness about it, you can eventually give the police stations a rating on internet and also mention your report with some reviews (which works better than police reports): https:// https:// utm_source=addon&utm_content=rw-viewsc You can also share informations on the facebook group “Riga Scams Report and Informations”: https:// . This is sign of a completely authorized scam from the institutions. I really wish to the people that writes such disrespectful comments to go to go on vacation to get robbed, agressed and spoiled up completely, like this they would understand the sensation.


At the same moment the woman orders other extremely expensive drinks (cognac, champagne, etc.) asking me to pay.

I notice the woman does not even drink once from her glass, but she pushes me to drink all drinks, I find this suspicious, I ask her at least to try it, but when I take the drink and offer it to her, she jumps back, as it was something disgusting, pushing the glass to my lips instead.

Even if my intention was not to go and drink, the woman pushes me to get inside and orders two drinks while I am about to say goodbye, as I see she ordered, I sit to talk to her briefly saying that I have to cycle and I don’t want to drink alcohol.