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He significantly boosted funding for the California Arts Council.1975, Brown helped repeal a prized oil-industry tax break, the “depletion allowance,” and later in his term sponsored the “first-ever tax incentive for rooftop solar.” Brown also strongly opposed the death penalty and later in his term vetoed it as Governor, although the legislature overrode his veto. Her mother, Ruth Mary Copeman, from the Flint, Michigan area, was the daughter of Lloyd Groff Copeman, a prolific inventor and holder of nearly 700 patents, among them, an early form of the microwave oven and a flexible ice cube tray, the latter earning millions in royalties.

Ronstadt was born in 1946 in Tucson, Arizona, to Gilbert Ronstadt, a prosperous machinery merchant who ran the F. Linda’s father came from a pioneering Arizona ranching family and was of German, English, and Mexican descent, and also a guitarist who sang Mexican songs to his children.

Linda was raised on the family’s ten-acre ranch in Tucson along with three siblings. As a teen, she formed a folk trio with brother Peter and sister Suzy; calling themselves the New Union Ramblers.

Where previous M3s have been lean and lithe, this new one with its swollen aluminium body panels appears to have been modelled on Arnold Schwarzenegger, circa 1970 (yes, that was a 44-year out of date cultural reference).

Things improve once you’re inside, where the leather-lined four-seater cabin wraps itself around you with a sense of quality and purpose.

The farm labor measure won him particular kudos, as agreement on that front — while retaining labor’s right to strike — had eluded other politicians for more than 40 years.