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The truth is that drugs can have very serious, long-term physical and emotional health effects.

And if drugs are mixed, the impact is even more detrimental.

A compact disc collection in Church music and a selection of other audio-visual items that support the curriculum is also available. Substantial restrictions against alcohol abuse also exist in Wisconsin.

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These guidelines reduce the discretion that federal judges may use in sentencing offenders of federal drug statutes. Seminary: The Executive Staff (the Deans and Director of Student Life) will review all offenses and apply appropriate sanctions including counseling and/or appropriate disciplinary measures, up to and including termination or expulsion.

Under these guidelines, courts can sentence a person for up to six years for unlawful possession of a controlled substance, including the distribution of a small amount (less than 250 grams of marijuana). Health risks: Drugs are a hidden habit, but they have visible effects on the user.

It will be the responsibility of the members of the Nashotah House community to promote compliance with all aspects of this policy, which will be administered by the Dean.

It is prohibited for any student or employee of Nashotah House Seminary to possess, use, distribute, deliver or sell illicit drugs to anyone (including prescription drugs without a medical doctor’s consent).

De Koven Commons/Adams Hall – The 2011 addition to the refectory includes learning space forstudents, and conference and retreat participants.