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While Cuban restaurants aren’t the most vegetarian friendly, you do need to check out a Cuban pastry shop.

You don’t live in Miami until you’ve had a pastelito (Spanish for “little cake”).

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These are some of my favorite veggie-friendly restaurants: Books and Books (927 Lincoln Road # 118) has delicious food and outdoor dining, plus it’s a great place to people-watch.

As an added bonus, when you’re done eating you can check out their book store.

Miami, like someone you meet at a bar, might initially seem to lack some depth, but once you get to know her you’ll realize she’s super cute inside and out. The other half of the year is practically perfect, hence the busloads of Canadian tourists during the holidays. I went away to college for nine months my freshmen year, and when I came back I was a lesbian and a vegetarian.

She’s home to a bustling new art scene, indie movie houses, amazing drag shows and most importantly really hot lesbians. I thought it would be easy to find gay girls and lesbians events, but Google searches just led to a ’90s time warp; most websites linked to old closed bars.

(If you park in a residential spot you get towed.) Lincoln Road is an outdoor mall in Miami Beach that has a farmers market on Saturday mornings as well as lots of food, shops and galleries to check out.