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The vast majority were males, as expected, but we also found a fair number of the much more rarely collected females.

This was significant, as the chance to observe mating and oviposition behavior made the encounter far more informative than if we had only found and collected the much more numerous males.

However, in recent years lures have been produced that are impregnated with prionic acid—the principal component of sex pheromones emitted by females in the genus.

Originally produced for use in commercial orchards (which are sometimes attacked by was our main goal, rest assured that I did not pass on the opportunity to find and photograph other beetles of interest. Louis to Wichita, Kansas to meet up with Jeff, who had flown there from his home in upstate New York.

However, as we approached the site (slipping and sliding on the muddy 2-track), we could actually see beetles crawling on the road from afar.